Revalidation “on track” says GMC

NEARLY 75 per cent of doctors should be revalidated by April 2016 says the GMC.

More than 133,000 licensed doctors have been revalidated since the process began in December 2012 and by April 2016, this figure should have risen to nearly 150,000. The GMC says it is well on track to revalidate the vast majority of doctors in the UK.

A recent audit by NHS England found that appraisals had been received by 93.2 per cent of GPs, 87.3 per cent of hospital consultants and 83.9 per cent of staff grade, associate and specialty doctors. The GMC estimates over two million patients have taken part in the process by giving feedback on how well their doctor treated and cared for them. Nearly 40 per cent of employers in England said revalidation had helped them identify concerns about doctors at an earlier stage.

GMC Chair Professor Terence Stephenson said: "These are still early days – there will be variations and frustrations and lessons to learn from the various research projects. But overall the message we are receiving is that for most doctors it [revalidation] has gone smoothly.

"As we start to think about how we can develop the model, we need to gather evidence of what works and what could be better. We also need to be careful not to place additional requirements on doctors who are already under considerable pressure."

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