Jobs shortage confirmed for 2015

THE foundation programme beginning in August 2015 is oversubscribed for the fifth year in a row, it has been announced.

The UK Foundation Programme Office confirmed there were currently more applicants than available places.

The announcement means final year medical students face an anxious wait over the coming months to find out if they will be allocated a training position.

The shortage was predicted in July when applicants were told they must prove their eligibility to work in the UK by January 16, 2015 or be withdrawn from the process.

A total of 235 medical graduates were put on a waiting list last October for entry to the 2014 programme. All eligible applicants were eventually found a place by June 2014.

Final numbers for the 2015 programme will be published on January 20, 2015.

The UKFPO said it will once again be working closely with the medical schools “to ensure pastoral support is in place for applicants who are placed on the reserve list in March 2015.”

The BMA medical students committee co-chair Charlie Bell called for a long term solution to the problem.

He said: “Oversubscription to the foundation programme has, unfortunately, become an annual event as the number of applicants continues to exceed the spaces available.

“This will be the fifth year of oversubscription and it is vital that the government hears our persistent calls for a workable long-term solution to this problem. Every effort must be made to ensure all eligible UK medical students receive a foundation programme place.”

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