Almost 100 jobless trainees given posts

NEARLY 100 trainees waiting to find jobs have been found a place, the UKFPO has announced.

It was confirmed in October that the foundation programme was oversubscribed and 235 juniors were placed on a reserve list.

This is the fourth year in a row there has been more applicants than vacancies.

Now, 97 of those have been found a training post in the first batch of allocations by the UK Foundation Programme Office, leaving 133 still waiting.

They will be allocated places in batches over the coming months with the next rounds scheduled for June 26 and July 10.

Professor Derek Gallen, National Director of the UKFPO said: “I am pleased that 97 reserve list applicants have been allocated on the first batch allocation date but understand that for those applicants who have not yet been allocated to a foundation school it is still a difficult time. We will continue to support these applicants until the end of the process.”

Those still on the reserve list will be supported by named contacts at their medical school and will receive emails containing more information about the allocation process.

Read the UKFPO’s Oversubscription Guide for Applicants

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