All trainees found jobs

ALL trainee doctors waiting to find jobs have been allocated a post, the UKFPO has confirmed.

The remaining 118 reserve list applicants for the 2014 foundation programme secured a place in the second round of allocations on June 26, a month earlier than expected.

It was confirmed in October that the foundation programme was oversubscribed for the fourth year in a row, with 235 juniors on the reserve list. The first round of allocations in May secured positions for 97. A further 20 have since withdrawn from the process, leaving 118 on the list.

UKFPO National Director Professor Derek Gallen said: “I am delighted that all reserve list applicants have been allocated a month earlier than expected, and therefore the final batch allocation that was scheduled to take place in July will not be needed.

“This gives the remaining applicants sufficient time to complete the required pre-employment checks, and means that all applicants to the Foundation Programme 2014 will be able to start their programmes in August.”

Now the FP 2014 allocation process is over, deaneries, LETBs and foundation schools will liaise with employers to decide how to fill any vacancies that arise between now and August.