GDC seeks input on CPD quality

RECENT feedback that some dental CPD may be of inadequate quality has prompted a further call for input from the GDC.

Current requirements set out that all verifiable dental CPD must have quality controls in place and registrants must have documentary evidence of this which can be made available to the GDC if requested.

The GDC is now seeking further input by asking what methods of quality control are in place and which are most effective at ensuring adequate quality provision. The GDC also wants to know how assured or concerned registrants are about the adequacy of quality control of CPD and any experience of verifiable CPD not being of adequate quality.

The full call for information can be found on the GDC policy development pages and the deadline for responses is 1 July 2013.

The GDC only just recently consulted on CPD requirements and published a formal statement on that consultation. During 2013 the GDC will continue to develop proposed CPD policies and procedures for the future and will take consultation responses into account. Any changes to the current CPD requirements are unlikely to come into effect before mid-2014.

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