Top applicants get first chance of jobs

THE top scoring applicants to the foundation programme have been placed on a “primary” list for UK jobs.

The number of those on the list will correspond to the total number of UK vacancies. The remaining doctors who are seeking an F1 post will be put on a reserve list and will be allocated in batches on set dates as vacancies arise.

The UK Foundation Programme Office has published an Oversubscription Guide for Applicants which offers information on the reserve list process as well as FAQs and a timeline.

The move follows the announcement last month that the number of trainees facing uncertainty over jobs is at its highest level in recent years. The UKFPO delayed plans to announce the exact number of trainees who will be placed on a reserve list, admitting that “the level of oversubscription is higher than in previous years.”

It also follows a pledge by minister for health in England, Dan Poulter, that all UK medical school graduates would secure places in 2013.

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