Charter to combat dental fraud in Scotland

THE British Dental Association in Scotland has pledged to help stamp out dental fraud in a new charter signed jointly with Counter Fraud Services.

The charter aims to encourage a working partnership between CFS and dental professionals and promote a counter fraud culture in the delivery of dental services. In the document the BDA and CFS pledge to work on revising policies, procedures and systems to minimise any fraud risk and establish arrangements to maximise transparency and minimise any conflicts of interest.

Another crucial aim is to clarify the distinction between deliberate fraud and unintentional error to avoid any possible confusion or ambiguity.

Martin Fallowfield, chair of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee, said: "Fraud by dental professionals is very rare, but where it does occur it takes money away from where it is most needed: front-line patient care. The BDA is pleased to re-affirm the profession’s support for the work of NHS Scotland’s counter fraud activities."


NHSS Counter Fraud Charter

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