Report on quality assurance in dentistry

MORE than 90 per cent of dentists carried out CPD in the last year, according to a UK survey.

The research, commissioned by the General Dental Council, also showed 75 per cent of dentists participated in clinical audit in the past year, 56 per cent have been involved in a review of complaints and compliments and 55 per cent have undertaken personal development planning.

A total of 498 dentists from across the UK, in both general and specialist practices, responded to the survey which set out to evaluate the quality assurance and performance management in UK dentistry. The findings will influence the types of evidence that dentists will be asked to produce in the first stage of revalidation.

The report recommended six types of evidence that dentists could provide during revalidation: continuing professional development (CPD), personal development planning, significant event reviews, reviews of complaints/compliments, case based discussion and multi-source feedback

It recommended against the use of peer review and direct observation.

To be of value, these processes have to be carried out within “supportive professional/organisational frameworks” that include personal and professional development planning with dentists working under the guidance of a mentor or appraiser.

The GDC is undertaking a review of its CPD requirements with a consultation open for comments at


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