All trainees found jobs

ALL trainee doctors on the reserve list have been allocated to a foundation school for 2012.

It was announced in October that the 2012 training programme was oversubscribed for the second year running, with almost 99 per cent of applicants eventually being given a post by the end of last year.

The remaining 81 trainees were put onto a reserve list, to be found a post by the UK Foundation Programme Office “over the coming months.” They were to be allocated places in batches on set dates as vacancies arose.

A total of 75 applicants were found jobs on the first batch allocation on March 29 while the remaining six had withdrawn from the process for personal reasons.

Professor Derek Gallen, National Director of the UKFPO, said: “I am pleased that all reserve list applicants have been allocated on the first batch allocation date.

"Last year all eligible applicants were allocated by May, and with fewer on the reserve list this year we were confident that all applicants would be placed well before the start of the Foundation Programme 2012. It is a great result to have all applicants allocated this early.”

The allocation of all reserve list applicants marks the end of the national application process. Postgraduate deaneries and foundation schools will now liaise with employing organisations to decide locally how to fill any vacancies which arise between now and July.

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