GP appeals charge he "pushed religion"

A GP is appealing a formal warning by the GMC over charges that he discussed his Christian faith with a "vulnerable" young adult patient.

Dr Richard Scott who practices in Margate, Kent, will argue his point in an oral hearing before the GMC’s investigation committee. In doing so Dr Scott risks having the case referred to a full fitness to practise panel.

The 24-year-old patient’s mother logged the complaint with the GMC stating that Dr Scott had "pushed religion" on her son in a way that left him upset.

Dr Scott told the BMJ: “The GMC said I had exploited a vulnerable patient. I say I was trying to help a needy patient.”

GMC guidance on personal beliefs and medical practice states: "You must not express to your patients your personal beliefs, including political, religious or moral beliefs, in ways that exploit their vulnerability or that are likely to cause them distress."

But the GP insists that no guidelines were breached as religion was mentioned only during a “consensual” discussion with the patient.

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