GDC appoints new panel members to increase hearing capacity

THE GDC have appointed 51 new fitness to practise panel members to help increase hearing capacity and to clear a backlog of cases.

Ten dental care professionals (DCPs) were appointed along with 19 dentists and 22 lay members. The new panel members, who have been introduced since January of this year, will sit on the Interim Orders, Professional Conduct, Health, Performance and Registration Appeals Committees. No more than two new panellists will be used on a five-person panel during their induction period.

Neil Marshall, Director of Regulation at the GDC, said:"We have seen an increase in complaints in recent years and are working hard to clear a backlog of cases. In addition to the new panel members we have also invested in more hearings staff and additional legal advisers in order to increase our hearings capacity.

"We’re also reviewing our fitness to practise processes and procedures across the board in order to be sure that we are dealing with these matters as speedily, effectively and efficiently as possible."

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