GDC launches review of CPD requirements

A review of mandatory continuing professional development in advance of dental revalidation had been launched by the GDC.

CPD has been compulsory for UK dentists since 2002 and for DCPs since 2008. The review will consider the role CPD plays in helping registrants to stay up to date and to practise in accordance with its GDC standards. It will also explore the most effective forms of CPD and the best way of monitoring and administering it.

A key aim of the review is also to ensure that the CPD requirements are woven into a proportionate scheme of revalidation in due course.

A public consultation on any future proposals is planned for early 2012.

Evlynne Gilvarry, Chief Executive and Registrar said: "A key aim is to ensure that our CPD requirements support registrants in meeting our standards. We are therefore very keen to hear from registrants and other stakeholders about their CPD experiences and how the scheme might be improved."

More information about the review can be found at, including how to respond to an open call for views. Any general comments can be emailed to 

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