Nearly all FYs find jobs

ALMOST 99 per cent of trainee doctors have been allocated to a foundation school for 2012.

The UK Foundation Programme Office said 7,089 applicants had been found jobs, with 92 per cent getting into one of their top five schools. It follows an announcement in October that the 2012 foundation programme was oversubscribed for the second year running. The UKFPO said it had received 81 more applications than posts available. Last year the programme was oversubscribed by 185 applicants. 

Just over one per cent of trainees remain on a reserve list, but the UKFPO said they should be found a post “over the coming months.”

UKFPO National Director Professor Derek Gallen said nearly three out of four applicants have been allocated to their first choice school. He blamed a change in the “allocation algorithm” for significantly more applicants choosing a single London school as their first choice compared to last year.

He said: “We acknowledge that there is still work to do over the coming months to support those on the reserve list and ensure they are allocated as soon as possible. The UKFPO and the foundation schools have worked hard to make this process go smoothly, particularly in light of oversubscription again this year.”

The BMA has compiled a list of FAQs for foundation programme applicants who are still on the reserve list.

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