New end-of-life care guidance

NEW guidance for healthcare professionals on end-of-life care has been published online.

Guidance for staff responsible for care after death offers detailed guidance on best practice to ensure care is given in a safe and respectful way. The document, from the NHS National End of Life Care Programme, offers advice for doctors and other medical staff on care before death, at the time of death and after death.

The advice is designed to help ensure the deceased and their families are kept as the focus of care, with their privacy and dignity maintained. It offers guidance on honouring the wishes of the deceased person and their family or carers.

Issues covered include respecting people’s wishes on organ and tissue donation and honouring the spiritual or cultural wishes of the deceased while also meeting legal obligations. The guidance was drawn up with contributions from the RCGP and other medical organisations.

Access Guidance for staff responsible for care after death here

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