GDC review of required skills and abilities

The General Dental Council has a launched a review of its key Scope of Practice document and is asking for input from UK dental professionals.

The document was first published in January 2009 and lists the skills and abilities that each registrant group should have, along with other skills that may be developed after registration.

The GDC promised to review the document regularly to ensure that the lists are still relevant to the dental team.

The GDC wants to know whether dental professionals agree the lists accurately reflect the work that should be carried out by a particular registrant group. Are there any skills that they think should be removed from these lists? What barriers dental professionals have encountered when trying to increase their scope of practice?

Dental professionals can respond via an online feedback form. The feedback will inform the development of a formal consultation that will run later this year.

The review of Scope of Practice is running alongside the review of Standards. This work will continue throughout 2011 with the aim of producing new guidance in 2012.

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