Surge in tribunal claims since fees abolished

THERE has been a substantial rise in employment tribunal (ET) claims following the Supreme Court ruling that employment tribunal fees were unlawful and prevented access to justice for workers.

The latest figures from the Ministry of Justice reveal an increase of 90 per cent in single ET claims between October and December 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. This follows an initial 64 per cent surge in new claims following the July 2017 ruling.

Workers in the UK had been charged a fee to bring a claim to an employment tribunal. A further fee was also charged if the claim was heard and another fee was levied to appeal the decision. However, statistics revealed that the number of tribunals had fallen as much as 70 per cent since the charges were introduced in 2013.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that employment tribunal fees were unlawful and were not reasonably affordable for households on middle to low incomes.