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Missed appendicitis

...The GP advises Mr H that appendicitis is unlikely due to his age and the lack of other related symptoms...

  • 29 July 2015
  • Case study

Just heartburn

...The GP finds Mr L lying on the couch in front of the TV. He tells the doctor it is not chest pain he is experiencing but the usual heartburn, though worse...

  • 30 June 2015
  • Case study

Village gossip

...He accuses the GP of either discussing the matter at home or elsewhere in the village and that this constitutes a serious breach of confidentiality...

  • 27 May 2015
  • Case study

A missed pregnancy

...The facts clearly show the GP made an error in fitting the IUCD while the patient was pregnant. However, it remains unclear exactly what the consequences of this mistake were...

  • 28 April 2015
  • Case study

Cause for suspicion

...More specifically it is alleged the GP failed to take account of the recent increase in size of the lesion and did not record its shape and dimensions...

  • 30 March 2015
  • Case study

A wrong message

...Mr M is angry that the dentist disclosed information about the unpaid bill in the answering machine message, as his daughter heard it, causing him considerable embarrassment...

  • 27 February 2015
  • Case study

Operative risk

...Later that evening the patient undergoes an emergency laparotomy. Free fluid and fibrous exudate are found in the peritoneal cavity caused by leakage from the bowel...

  • 30 January 2015
  • Case study

Obvious mistake, honest apology

...Mrs G states that her husband had just come home from work early feeling unwell and suffering from an itchy skin rash and swelling. Mrs G checked the label on the tabletsĀ  only then realising that amoxicillin is a "type of penicillin"...

  • 31 December 2014
  • Case study

Missed decay

...Over the course of several years, Mr B attends three dentists complaining of tooth pain. He undergoes a number of treatments but there is severe decay and the prognosis is poor...

  • 28 November 2014
  • Case study

An overlooked risk

...The surgeon briefed Mrs L on the procedure but did not think it necessary to discuss the very slight risk of deep infection...

  • 20 November 2014
  • Case study

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