Depot error

...Mrs B was prescribed a contraceptive injection but was given an anti-inflammatory drug by mistake...

Mrs B attended her GP for contraceptive advice. She had been on the Pill but asked about trying a depot injection. Her GP discussed the options and issued a prescription for Depot-Provera and instructed Mrs P to return to the practice on the first day of her next period for the injection.

Three months later Mrs B attended the surgery for her second injection and on this occasion the GP discovered that at the previous visit Mrs B had been given Depo-Medrone (corticosteroid used commonly for treating inflammation) by mistake.

Mrs B also reported at that visit that she had not had a period for two months. A pregnancy test the following day proved positive.

A solicitor's letter in regard to a compensation claim on behalf of Mrs B and her husband was received at the surgery.

Analysis and outcome

A healthy child was born at full term. A modest compensation claim was negotiated by MDDUS on behalf of the GP.

Key points

  • Ensure proper checks on all prescriptions but especially long-acting depot.
  • Healthy babies do not attract damages¬†- only compensation for unexpected expenses.


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