Managing change - 10 essential tactics

Doctor showing procedure to medical students
Torn paper window with message I am sorry... Candour

Is it safe to apologise?

MDDUS advisers are often asked whether an apology to a patient amounts to an admission of guilt that can be used against you.

Diagram of profile and audio trace Innovation

Voice in the bank

Developing technology is giving back lost voices to patients with neurodegenerative and other disorders.

Comments from MDDUS members on post-it notes MDDUS

“Tired. Concerned. Trying not to lose hope.” A report from the NHS frontline

MDDUS members shared their experience of working for the health service as part of our review of 2022.

Needle and syringe Case file: GMC

Botox remote

...The nurse expressed concern that Dr J is providing a remote prescribing service for cosmetic treatments...

Photograph of redacted text on page Case file: Complaint

Redaction request

...Mr L is demanding that portions of the letter be redacted, in particular reference to possible psychological factors...

Antibiotic pills Case file: Claim

Infected rash

...Mrs H is asthmatic and clinically obese, complaining of a painful skin rash for the past few weeks...

Violin neck and music page Ethics

How should a person be?

PROFESSOR Deborah Bowman reflects on how practice makes perfect, even in ethics.

Blurred medical scene Viewpoint

Malpractice in the media

MDDUS senior lawyer Joanna Jervis provides a reality check on what really happens if you're accused of clinical negligence.

A photo of Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick - RCP London Vignette

Fighting for the future of medicine

Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick - British thoracic specialist and first woman president of the Royal College of Physicians.

People waiting in line Risk

NHS staff jumping the queue

MDDUS advisers have had calls from members seeking advice in relation to NHS employees using inside access to expedite personal healthcare.

Intersecting human profiles Human factors

Catalysing civility – resolving workplace conflict

Mediator Owen Bubbers-Jones explains how resolving team conflict can boost staff wellbeing and patient safety.

Car keys and a whisky glass GMC

A brush with the law

When to tell your regulator about criminal proceedings.


Minimising risk as a GP locum

16 May 2024

Shocking level of sexual harassment directed at female surgeons

15 September 2023

Updated NICE guidance could lead to around 100,000 fewer colonoscopies

31 August 2023

“World first” rollout of cancer jab that cuts treatment time

31 August 2023

Updated GMC guidance highlights support for doctors to “speak out”

22 August 2023

Digital phonelines a positive step says RCGP

18 August 2023

GPs to order “fast-tracked” tests for heart and respiratory conditions

11 August 2023

MDDUS Updates

Professional pitfalls in social media use

02 October 2023

Get 20% off Income Protection for the first two years*

28 September 2023

MDDUS group cover

28 September 2023

MDDUS at the RCGP conference

22 September 2023

Advice for doctors during industrial action

19 September 2023

Notice of Annual General Meeting

21 August 2023

Advice for junior doctor members during industrial action

31 July 2023

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