10 questions to ask before giving feedback

Post-it with smiling face
Dental syringe and needle Pitfalls

Needle breakage

MDDUS adviser Mike Williams offers some tips on dealing with this rare but distressing complication.

Man taking call on headset Advice

Call log

A range of common - and not so common - queries from dental care professionals.

Patient undergoing laser eye surgery Practice management

Taking time off for elective surgery

Are employees entitled to fully paid sick leave?

Woman checking airport departure board Case file: Advice

Treatment abroad

...Dr C is reassured that in agreeing to see the patient she is not taking on responsibility or liability for any previous work carried out abroad....

Woman being examined by dentist Case file: Claim

Alleged substandard restoration

...It is also alleged that the restorations at LR6 and LR7 were substandard with Dr F failing to completely remove decay...

Dental surgery with radiograph displayed on computer screen Case file: Complaint

Mobile tooth

...Mr K demands that Dr G refund his treatment costs and cover additional payments for further “remedial care”...

3D image of The Thinker Professional development

Know your patient, know yourself

Dental business coach Alun Rees reflects on the career advice he has never forgotten.

Photograph of defibrillator box on wall Risk

Being prepared for unexpected medical emergencies

Would you know what to do if the practice was asked for access to its defibrillator?

Diagram of overlapping facial profiles Human factors

Catalysing civility – resolving workplace conflict

Mediator Owen Bubbers-Jones explains how resolving team conflict can boost staff wellbeing and patient safety.

Painting of surgeon John Hunter with backdrop of skeleton Feature

A more perfect language than that of words

Allan Gaw celebrates the reopening of the Hunterian Museum in London and the inspiring figure at its heart.

Dr John Alcindor Vignette

The Trinidad doctor who became a local hero

John Alcindor - Dedicated clinician who furthered the cause of equality throughout his career.

Bamboo toothbrush with leaves in background Environment

Making dentistry greener

If healthcare was a country it would be the fifth largest carbon emitter in the world – but a number of innovative approaches are giving cause for optimism.

Car keys and a whisky glass GDC

A brush with the law

When to tell the GDC about legal proceedings.

Human hand touching robot hand Ethics

The human touch

Professor Deborah Bowman defers to AI for her latest column – and the results are rather less than human.


Shocking level of sexual harassment directed at female surgeons

15 September 2023

Dental care professional numbers on the up

18 August 2023

Digital phonelines a positive step says RCGP

18 August 2023

GDC publishes clarification on trainee dental nurses awaiting registration

11 August 2023

Treatment cancellations cause major impact

28 July 2023

NHS England plans for a challenging winter

28 July 2023

Some children waiting over a year for dental extractions

19 July 2023

MDDUS Updates

Professional pitfalls in social media use

02 October 2023

Get 20% off Income Protection for the first two years*

28 September 2023

MDDUS group cover

28 September 2023

MDDUS at the RCGP conference

22 September 2023

Advice for doctors during industrial action

19 September 2023

Notice of Annual General Meeting

21 August 2023

Advice for junior doctor members during industrial action

31 July 2023

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