Letters for rainy days

A reflection on imposter syndrome and how to deal with it


Make stress work for you

Doctor and educator Aman Arora offers practical tips for preventing burnout


Tools of the trade

A new edition of a pocket-sized poetry book that speaks to the experience of being a junior doctor


Blurred boundaries

It can be tricky remaining detached from patients on a personal basis, particularly for doctors who have longstanding clinical relationships with individuals and families. Senior risk adviser Liz Price offers advice


Career: Getting patients back on their feet

A career in the rapidly evolving specialty of rheumatology offers doctors many exciting opportunities


Let's be honest

No one likes to give or receive criticism, but failing to speak up can threaten patient safety. Senior risk adviser Liz Price offers advice


Profile: Half doctor, half netballer

Netball World Cup star Layla Guscoth tells FYi how she balances life as an elite athlete with her work as a doctor

Case study

Surgical mesh infection

...Ms L undergoes a hernia repair using mesh but later complains of bruising and discomfort at the surgery site...


Book review - Heart: A history

Book review by Dr Greg Dollman

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