NHS Winter Indemnity Scheme

NHS England has launched a scheme to meet the costs of indemnifying any additional out-of-hours (OOH) work undertaken by GPs this winter

The scheme has been developed in conjunction with UK medical defence organisations, including MDDUS, and will run between 1 October 2016 and 30 April 2017 (having been extended). It is designed to meet the costs of indemnifying additional OOH work this winter and does not apply to pre-existing indemnity arrangements.

GP members interested in accessing the scheme should initially make contact with their local OOH provider to check on likely availability of additional vacant shifts. The OOH provider will then be able to advise whether pre-existing corporate indemnity would cover such work or if additional personal indemnity would be required through the NHS England Winter indemnity scheme via MDDUS.

GP members should agree with an OOH provider the likely number of sessions to be worked over the period of the scheme (up until 30/4/17). GPs will then be able to add these additional sessions to their current membership with payment being made directly to MDDUS by NHS England.

Click here for an application form to add additional OOH sessions funded by the scheme.