At MDDUS, we have extensive experience in helping medical and dental students with their electives.

As a student member you can register for FREE elective cover which will provide you with a range of benefits, including access to assistance with:

  • university fitness to practise (FTP)
  • medico-legal issues
  • Good Samaritan acts.

Free worldwide elective indemnity

If you're going on elective, either in the UK or abroad, it's important to arrange your indemnity.

As an MDDUS Student Member, you're entitled to FREE elective indemnity for the duration of your placement. It's just one of the benefits of MDDUS student membership.

To apply for elective indemnity, please complete the application form below. (Please note indemnity is not available for elective work in Australia.)

Alternatively, simply contact our sales team with details of when and where your elective is taking place.

Student elective application form

Personal details

Elective details

MDDUS will hold the information you provide on its system for administration of your membership, claims handling, marketing, risk assessment and advisory purposes. We may disclose this information, within the UK or abroad, to legal or other advisors and other defence organisations as part of our advisory and claims handling process. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we would like to inform you of other products and services offered by us which we believe may be of interest to you. If you do not wish your information to be used for this service please tick the box below

Australia: Please note that MDDUS does not provide protection in respect of electives performed in Australia due to the legislative requirements in that jurisdiction.

Important: It is the responsibility of any individual to ensure that the cover provided by MDDUS meets the requirements of the host country and establishment where the elective placement is being undertaken. MDDUS cannot accept any responsibility for any failing in this respect by any person undertaking an elective.

How your information will be used

In order to progress your application, for administrative purposes we will record, keep, and hold the personal data which you have provided in this application form in our membership application system.

If your application is successful, we will hold this data as part of your membership record. In the event that your application is rejected, we will hold the application record and the reason for rejection for two years for the purposes of any future application that you may make to us. After two years we will delete your application record, the data contained within it and the reason for your rejection.

In the event that you withdraw your application prior to a decision being made by us on your application we will delete your application within 6 months.

Please see our Privacy Notice for further information on how we process your personal data, including how we keep your personal data secure and your rights. If you have any questions about our use of your data, please contact us by email at

As a mutual membership organisation, MDDUS has an obligation to protect our members’ funds. We rely on applications being completed accurately and fully.

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