At MDDUS, we have extensive experience in helping medical and dental students with their electives.

As a student member you can register for FREE elective cover which will provide you with a range of benefits, including access to assistance with:

  • university fitness to practise (FTP)
  • medico-legal issues
  • Good Samaritan acts.

Free worldwide elective indemnity

If you're going on elective, either in the UK or abroad, it's important to arrange your indemnity.

As an MDDUS Student Member, you're entitled to FREE elective indemnity for the duration of your placement. It's just one of the benefits of MDDUS student membership.

To apply for elective indemnity, please complete the application form below. (Please note indemnity is not available for elective work in Australia.)

Alternatively, simply contact our sales team with details of when and where your elective is taking place.

For registration, or any login issues, please visit our login page.