Join your fellow Everlight radiologists with group indemnity from MDDUS

MDDUS is a mutual organisation providing support and indemnity to medical professionals for over 120 years. We pride ourselves on offering a quality, personalised service provided by our team of medico-legal advisers who are recognised as some of the leading UK experts in their field. 

As an Everlight Radiologist, you are entitled to join their group scheme, which offers a 20% discount on all your work carried out. Note that access to indemnity, expert advice, assistance and representation will only be available when both the Radiologist and the patient is located in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Joining is simple.  Follow the 10 step process outlined below to apply for membership.

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Why Join Everlight's Group Scheme
with MDDUS

  • 20% discount on year one
  • Includes all work done outside Everlight
  • Covers all work done in UK only*
  • No annual fee for joining the group scheme
  • Preferential discounts for subsequent years

*remote consultations must be conducted in line with regulatory (including GMC and GDC) guidance. Access to indemnity, expert advice, assistance and representation will only be available when both the health professional and patient is located in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, unless agreed by MDDUS in writing.  By proceeding to apply for membership, you agree to the above term.

Step 1

Click "Get a quote" to begin the quotation process. Remember
to include all of your work both with and outside of Everlight as the 20% year 1
discount will be applied to all of your work.

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Step 2

When asked “Which type of membership are
you applying for?” select “Qualified consultant/Specialist”

Step 3

When asked “Are you applying to join an
existing practice or corporate scheme?” select “Yes”

Step 4

When asked “What is the scheme number?” input “3783” and postcode is “LE1 7NH”

Step 5

If you do not undertake any work with the NHS, when asked “Do you work in the NHS” select “I work as a locum consultant with private earnings”

Step 6

When asked “What is your clinical specialty?” please ensure that if you undertake any interventional radiology (with or outside of Everlight) that you select “Radiology – Interventional”

Step 7

When asked “If you work privately, what is your gross annual income for this work?” please include all private earnings, including work undertaken outside of Everlight.

Step 8

In the “Other work” section, please include all details of any private work you undertake outside of Everlight. Anything that is not covered by this question set, please detail in the question that follows which asks for any additional work for which you require indemnity.

Step 9

You will be presented with a quote which will include your 20% discount. Please ensure the cover details are correct and include all of your work (with and without Everlight in the UK).

Step 10

Click "Apply now" to add your professional and indemnity history to complete your application for membership.

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Our ethos is to provide insurance products which stay true to our mutual “not-for-profit” status.
Unlike most MDOs, we have an in-house underwriting team which gives us the autonomy to make our own decisions and continue to put the needs of our members before profit.

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