Medical defence specialist MDDUS extends free Covid indemnity support for retired doctors

Medical defence specialist MDDUS is extending its free membership for retired doctors returning to work in the pandemic in recognition of the impact of the second wave of Covid-19

The free advice and support cover was first launched by MDDUS and ran until August last year, when it was extended for a further six months to February of this year.

This decision will now see retired MDDUS members offered an extension in free cover up until August 2021.

While returning doctors are indemnified by the State via clauses in the Coronavirus Act, the cover being extended by MDDUS includes support for other risks they might face returning to practise.

This includes advice and support on ethical and legal issues, regulatory hearings, tribunals and inquiries.

The cover is applied automatically, with no need for retired members to opt-in or out.

MDDUS has extended its offer of free support to retired members in recognition of the continued demands placed on healthcare professionals to deliver care to patients affected by Covid-19, and the potential need to call upon retired doctors to step up once more.

Dr Chris Godeseth, Customer and Development Director at MDDUS, said: “Extending this cover is simply the right thing for us to do. It means that any of our retired members who step up to support NHS efforts on Covid-19 can do so with peace of mind that automatic membership and legal support from MDDUS will be in place.

“We want to reassure any of our retired members returning to practise that MDDUS is here for them.”

Retired doctors who are members of MDDUS considering taking the next steps to a return to work and require further information can contact us on 0333 043 0000 or at

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