Updated advice to members

As the whole of the UK responds to the Government’s latest review of the COVID-19 threat level being raised to level 4, MDDUS has been approached by members seeking advice and guidance about how this change might impact upon their dental practices

We would remind members that MDDUS indemnity is not conditional on following one particular guidance over another, nor is it MDDUS’ role to give clinical advice.

MDDUS’ advice is that all practitioners should review and update their own SOP in the light of the changing threat level making professional judgments about whether or not to alter the way that treatment is planned and delivered. Members must be prepared, if challenged, to justify each decision they make in the light of the risk level and current guidance, mindful of the best interests of their patients, their staff and their own health.

Our existing advice to members concerning the differences between NHS and private practice remains current. It was set out in our briefing documents in July 2020. The links are at the foot of this document.

We hope that the above clarifies the current understanding of the Dental Advisory Team. Should you be an MDDUS member and have any queries, then please contact us on advice@mddus.com or call the Dental Advisory line.

Dental Advisory Team
Updated – 23.9.2020

Dentists returning to work in England: https://www.mddus.com/coronavirus/coronavirus-update/2020/july/advice-for-dentists-returning-to-work-in-england

Dentists returning to work in Scotland: https://www.mddus.com/coronavirus/coronavirus-update/2020/july/advice-for-dentists-returning-to-work-in-scotland

Dental hygienists and therapists: https://www.mddus.com/coronavirus/coronavirus-update/2020/july/periodontal-care-provided-by-dental-hygienists-and-therapists

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