MDDUS welcomes Professional Standards Authority COVID 19 guidance for healthcare regulators

MDDUS has today (24 September 2020) welcomed new guidance from the Professional Standards Authority for healthcare regulators on Fitness to Practise hearings during the COVID-19 outbreak

UK-wide medical and dental defence organisation MDDUS has today welcomed the publication of the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) guidance for healthcare regulators on fitness to practise (FTP) hearings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The procedural guidance aims to offer the 10 healthcare regulators overseen by the PSA a consistent approach in how FTP hearings are expected to be conducted.

Commenting, Chris Kenny, Chief Executive of MDDUS, said:

“The pragmatic approach taken in the publication of the PSA’s guidance for regulators on how FTP hearings are expected to be conducted is helpful.

“But the quality of decision-making ultimately matters more than these procedural issues, important though they are.

“The COVID-19 outbreak placed our healthcare system and clinicians under strain, and as the country takes new steps to mitigate the current spike in infections, they may face these same pressures once again.

“The publication of the General Medical Council’s guidance on the handling of COVID-19 specific complaints, which aims to ensure that any such complaints are considered fairly, is an example to be followed.

“We would encourage all healthcare regulators to take a similar approach, in a way which ensures consistency in messaging across all healthcare professions”.

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