Hurdle to a return to work for retired doctors removed automatically

MDDUS reinstates free-of-charge support to retired members to assist coronavirus efforts


For immediate release: Friday, 20 March 2020

Medical defence organisation MDDUS has today automatically reinstated free-of-charge support to the membership profile of all its retired doctors who left practice in the last three years.

This move underpins a decision confirmed today by the General Medical Council (GMC) that at the request of the Department of Health and Social Care it has temporarily registered around 15,000 doctors in total who left the register during this period.

These doctors can now make immediate decisions to return to work, if they choose, as part of the UK’s coronavirus response.

Dr Chris Godeseth, head of underwriting at MDDUS, said: “With immediate effect, MDDUS has automatically reinstated membership benefits for all doctors who have retired from membership in the past three years.

“We’re doing this to remove one hurdle to retired doctors making a swift return to work during these unprecedented times.

“The membership benefits are offered for free, and are available immediately, as part of our effort to support retired MDDUS members who choose to return to work in these difficult circumstances.

“We do understand that some retired doctors in this group may not wish or be able to return to work, and if that’s the position there’s no need to make a formal notice to opt out.”

Retired doctors who are members of MDDUS considering taking the next steps to a return to work and require further information can contact us on 0333 043 4444 or at


For further information contact Alison Hardie on 07501 421398, or email

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