Indemnity Fit Testing of Dental PPE

MDDUS update on the circumstances for extending the benefits of membership to employing principal dentists

MDDUS will extend the benefits of membership to employing principal dentists to include the qualitative fit testing of PPE, in the following circumstances:

  • Employing principal dentists who are members of MDDUS should first check with their Public Liability/Employer’s Liability Insurers to determine if this is included within these policies.
  • If not, MDDUS will extend the benefits of membership for employing principals to include this within their own practice.
  • Indemnity will be extended to other MDDUS members within the practice should this task be delegated to them by the principal.
  • The fit tester must be trained and assessed as competent to perform this task by an accredited trainer. This extension of cover is not for fit testing for individuals outside the dental team of the employing principal.

It is important to note there may be an additional cost involved as this sits outside clinical practice. 

We will not, however, levy that cost in 2020, as discussions are continuing with Government about whether indemnity in these circumstances is more appropriately provided via the state-backed Clinical Negligence Schemes for Trusts or Coronavirus as appropriate, or the equivalents in your home nation.

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