Clinical negligence scheme for coronavirus

NHS Resolution this week published a set of FAQs on their website regarding the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus

With answers to around 20 questions at the moment, including those relating to antibody testing, the FAQs are topical, relevant and are updated regularly, so it’s definitely worth bookmarking the page for continued reference.

Questions that are answered by NHSR include:

  • I am a member of the NHS Primary Care clinical workforce and in support of the Government’s testing programme I have been asked to take blood samples for NHS workers for the purpose of a Covid-19 antibody test. Will I be indemnified for this activity?


  • What indemnity arrangements are in place in the NHS, and do they cover clinical negligence for NHS services provided in relation to the response to the coronavirus outbreak?


  • What medico-legal advice and support is available for doctors returning to the NHS form other medical posts?


  • Will I be covered if I am asked to carry out duties outside of my usual job?


  • What indemnity arrangements apply to NHS staff/nurses who are deployed to work in care homes and other social care settings?

To view all the questions and answers, please click here to go the NHSR website.

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