MDDUS announces additional measures to support members tackling Covid-19

New measures announced by MDDUS to support members tackling Covid-19


For immediate release: Thursday 16 April 2020

MDDUS, the UK’s fastest growing medical defence organisation, has announced a further package of measures to support its membership during Covid-19.

In addition to a series of market-leading measures, MDDUS will from today add:

• Automatic and free membership to doctors returning to clinical practice who retired between three and six years ago and who have been granted temporary registration by the GMC under its emergency powers, and

• A unique “no increase” guarantee for those English and Welsh GPs with our GPP product who may be undertaking more sessions during the pandemic than their subscription with MDDUS usually covers.

In March, MDDUS applied a series of market-leading measures to support its doctor and dentist members during Covid-19 including:

• A free “MDDUS GP Coronavirus support” package, complementary to the state indemnity put in place by the emergency legislation, to ensure medico-legal advice is available instantly to members on the front-line. This will run for initially through to the end of August, and be assessed thereafter.

• Automatic free membership reinstated for all members who retired less than three years ago

• A reduction in subscriptions of up to 75% for dentist members (reduction dependent on sessions already worked)

• Free membership for FY1 graduates of medical schools and students providing volunteer assistance

• Option to reduce subscriptions for doctors in private practice facing reductions in their income

Chris Kenny, the CEO of MDDUS, said: “We are living through extraordinary times and as MDDUS is owned by our members we will do whatever we can to support them.

“We estimate the further extension of our free automatic reinstatement promise might help around a 1000 MDDUS doctors who can choose to return to frontline medicine during this time of national emergency.

“And, uniquely among the three medical defence organisations, we’re removing the need to pay for extra sessions worked from those GPs doing more in primary care as a consequence than they planned at the start of the year”

Mr Kenny went on: “We know this is a fast-moving situation for our members. We aim to make our processes as clean and clear as possible. We want to remove any hurdle – whether financial or simply uncertainty about support – to people returning to work or working longer than usual to tackle the virus.”

MDDUS will consider a similar measure for its Scottish members when the position on working additional sessions on Covid-19 is clarified by the Scottish Government.


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