Guidance on student support for medical, nursing and midwifery students during the COVID-19 outbreak

This guidance has been endorsed for use in Scotland by the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief Nursing Officer, the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and the General Medical Council. It is based on NHS England national guidance.

Please read the full Scottish Government guidance here or download the pdf.

"How will indemnity work?

Arrangements are in place to indemnify healthcare workers for the NHS work they already do, through the national indemnity arrangements via the Clinical Negligence and Other Risks Indemnity Scheme (CNORIS). During a pandemic existing indemnity arrangements will continue. CNORIS will cover student nurses, midwives and medical students working for NHS Boards.

These arrangements should cover all healthcare workers for the vast majority of NHS services. However, we recognise that there will be a need for changes to working arrangements during this emergency period. We do not want indemnity to be a barrier to such changes.

The Government is therefore planning to introduce additional indemnity coverage for clinical negligence liabilities that may arise when healthcare workers and others are working as part of the COVID-19 response, or undertaking NHS work to backfill others, in the event that existing arrangements (CNORIS or individual arrangements) do not cover a particular activity."

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