National Doctors Day 2021 - Dr Naeem Nazem, Head of Medical Division

Marking National Doctors' Day (30 March 2021), Dr Naeem Nazem, Head of MDDUS' Medical Division, thanks MDDUS members for their work over the last challenging year, and for putting their trust in us.

On National Doctors’ Day, it is incredibly important to take time to reflect, and appreciate the tireless work of doctors to support our physical and mental health.

Now, more than ever in recent history, we have called on our doctors to meet an unprecedented threat with the coronavirus pandemic. They have met our call with resilience, determination and an unfaltering level of service. The physical and mental impact on doctors in dealing with the pandemic cannot be underestimated. Many have worked very long hours in challenging environments. Often they have been called to act outside their areas of expertise and in novel ways with limited resources. The most recent survey of our members revealed some worrying findings, and it’s clear we need to act proactively and decisively to support our doctors in the weeks and months ahead.

For me, the stand-out moment of the past year was when I was speaking to a doctor who had come out of retirement to assist with the pandemic. MDDUS provided immediate, free of charge cover to members like him, and he wanted to talk about the clinical services he could offer. I found out that he was in the clinically vulnerable group, but felt an overwhelming need to provide support during a time of need. I was touched by his selfless attitude, which for me reflects the ethos and the motivation of the wider healthcare population as a whole.

I’ve recently become Head of MDDUS’ Medical Division, and I am really privileged to be beginning my role at this crucial time for healthcare. I am also proud of the support MDDUS has offered our members throughout the pandemic. We led on identifying the needs of doctors during this uniquely uncertain time and developed new ways of providing support. At MDDUS our role is to protect professionals, always looking for new and better ways to deliver for our members.

We are a wrap-around support service for our members, ready and able to help them through any challenge they face in their clinical practice. The vaccination stage brings with it a lot of hope as the threat from the coronavirus decreases.

However, it also brings with it questions on how things were managed during the crisis phase. We must also never lose sight of the extreme conditions in which many doctors had to make difficult decisions. Healthcare professionals must be given the opportunity to recover from the physical and mental strain of dealing with the pandemic.

The medico-legal team has always been at the forefront of supporting our members and that drive is as strong now as it has ever been.

On National Doctors’ Day, if I was able to, I would thank all of our members individually for their incredible efforts during the pandemic. I feel privileged they put their trust in MDDUS. It is not something that we take for granted, and we take our responsibility to each and every member seriously. I can assure them we understand the challenges they have faced and the difficulties that may be ahead.

We are here to support them in every step.

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