Adjust your MDDUS membership level online

Have you received your renewal and need to adjust your level of membership? You can do this online through the membership login portal.

To amend your number of weekly sessions or annual income level, please follow the steps below:

Option 1

Login to your membership portal through our website using your registered email address and your password. Once logged in you can provide us an update on your weekly sessions:

  • Click into Subscriptions
  • Click on the purple Update button
  • Enter the date you require to make this change from
  • Enter your new required membership level
    • If based on sessions please note that one session is usually a half day in practice
    • If based on earnings please note we require the total annual gross income before any deductions
  • Click on Update
  • Click on Confirm
  • Your updated certificate of membership will be available through the Membership Certificates section immediately.

Register for online access using your email address if you have not done previously. You can also reset your password if forgotten.

Option 2

Email the MDDUS membership team at with your membership number or GMC/GDC number and an outline of your proposed working pattern.

Option 3

Contact the membership team on 0333 043 0000 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

For registration, or any login issues, please visit our login page.