Keep us informed of private practice earnings

IF you are a doctor in private practice your MDDUS subscription is calculated on your estimate of private earnings at the beginning of each subscription year. It is your responsibility to ensure that this remains sufficient to cover your private earnings and we do urge you to review this for accuracy both during your subscription year and again before the following subscription year commences.

If at the end of the subscription year, your estimate has proved to be too high, or too low, you will have an opportunity to adjust it. May we remind you that it is your responsibility for checking the accuracy of your membership grade.

We would like to be clear that the private earnings figure you use should be your gross private earnings from the practice of medicine, however delivered. In the event that you have formed a company for accounting or other purposes, the relevant figure is the gross income to that company in relation to your practice of medicine. Gross earnings include, but are not limited to, fees, salaries, bonus payments and dividends before the deduction of any expenditure.

It is important that members make a fair and equitable contribution to the mutual fund and we reserve the right, as detailed in our Membership Agreement, to request evidence from members relating to private practice income, including a periodic audit of members. Falsifying or failing to provide full details may affect the benefits of membership or result in the withdrawal of any indemnity or of the services provided by MDDUS.

We hope this is clear and fair to you as a member of a mutual organisation but if you have any questions please telephone Membership Services on 0333 043 0000.

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