Out of hours sessions

MDDUS defines 'core' hours as being from 8am to 8pm, on normal weekdays (i.e. Monday to Friday and excluding bank holidays). Where any part of a session falls outside these hours, it will be categorised as 'extended hours' or 'out of hours' work, as set out below.

Extended hours work, outside core hours but where a GP has full access to the patient’s NHS GP clinical records and delivers predominantly non-urgent care to patients, is also allowable within our standard sessional rate. Pre-booked patient appointments on weekends and evenings are likely to fall into this category.

Out of hours care is defined by MDDUS as that provided between 8pm and 8am on normal weekdays, or any time at weekends or bank holidays, and which does not fall in to the definition of extended hours work (above). This includes the provision of urgent/emergency care to patients, as well as care delivered without access to patients’ records.

GP partners may include up to three out-of-hours sessions within the sessions declared to MDDUS for subscription calculation purposes. Alternative arrangements are in place for GP partners providing traditional 'on call' cover for patients on their own practice list. Please contact the membership services department to confirm if your subscription is adequate and appropriate.

Most locum/salaried GP subscription rates do not include any out-of-hours entitlement. It is important to ensure that MDDUS is aware of any OOH work that you undertake, and that this is appropriately reflected in your subscription on your renewal documentation.

This page was correct at the time of publication. Any guidance is intended as general guidance for members only. If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.

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