Enhanced cover for cosmetic procedures

MDDUS members working as general dental practitioners can now enjoy access to indemnity for earnings up to £15,000 gross income from the provision of certain minor cosmetic facial procedures.

This applies to members paying MDDUS a subscription in a “third year” GDP grade or higher. Above this earning level a supplement will apply.

The procedures must be performed personally by the member and include treatment with botulinum toxin and non-permanent dermal fillers in the treatment of facial wrinkles and/or lip enhancement. All fillers must be manufactured to CE standards and consist of highly purified bovine or human collagen, hyaluronic acid gel, calcium hydroxylapatite or Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). These procedures can only be carried out in the immediate peri-oral area, nasal labial folds and elsewhere on the face. The neck is explicitly excluded.

Members are no longer required to be registered with TYCT (Treatments You Can Trust) but to qualify you must be able to demonstrate at least two years post-graduation experience in dentistry and competence to provide the treatments performed, along with management of anaphylaxis and resuscitation. This must include certification of attendance at relevant courses and CPD on a regular basis. MDDUS does not require documents to be sent to us but the dentist must be able to provide evidence in the event of a claim or other incident.

Dentists must also ensure that appropriate protocols are in place for patient assessment, consent and the monitoring of treatment provided, in line with accepted current practice. Premises must offer an appropriate clinical environment and be registered with the CQC or equivalent national body (if required by law), and afford immediate access to equipment and drugs necessary for the treatment of anaphylaxis and for resuscitation.

Contact the Membership Department at MDDUS if you require further information.

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