MDDUS position on indemnity for healthcare students

MDDUS recognises that GP practices provide a rich learning environment for a wide range of student healthcare professionals, including medical students, student nurses and physician associate students.

Where a student on placement within a practice is acting in accordance with duties delegated to him or her, the GP partners may be held vicariously liable for negligent harm caused to patients. GP partners who are members of MDDUS can look to us for assistance, including indemnity for claims that might be brought by a patient. Any indemnity is given through the vicarious liability of MDDUS GP partners and as such, any payments made by MDDUS will be proportionate to a head count of MDDUS members amongst the partners.

It should be noted that MDDUS would not indemnify individual students per se. It is possible that the student could be sued in his or her own right and may need to consider obtaining personal indemnity for complete peace of mind. Similarly, the university or employing Trust is likely to retain a degree of vicarious liability for the student nurse and MDDUS reserves the right to pursue any third party for a contribution if we consider it appropriate.

Chris Godeseth, head of underwriting, MDDUS

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