GDC indemnity declaration

MDDUS would like to reassure members following a recent General Dental Council announcement about a new annual indemnity declaration.

Dental professionals who are registering with the GDC for the first time, or renewing their registration, will now be required to declare that they have the necessary indemnity or insurance to cover them in their work.

Dental nurses
In relation to dental nurses’ declarations, employing principals should reassure their employed nurses that they have access to adequate and appropriate indemnity vicariously through their employing principal’s membership with MDDUS. This indemnity covers investigations or claims arising out of the practice of dentistry, provided the nurses have acted within their skill set and competence, and under the direction of a dentist.

Please note that vicarious cover extends only to employed dental nurses (not locums) where the employing principal is an MDDUS member. Members who fulfil the above terms can be reassured that they have appropriate indemnity in place to meet the new GDC declaration requirements.

The GDC does not require registrants to provide an indemnity certificate unless specifically requested for further information.

Find out more in the GDC indemnity FAQs

For more detailed advice, contact the MDDUS membership team


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