GDC challenged to turn aspiration into action

MDDUS welcomes the GDC’s plans to improve the current complaints system and reform fitness to practise procedures for dentists facing investigation.

The GDC announced a three-year strategy entitled 'Patients Professionals Partners Performance'. The document sets out a number of key objectives to improve dental regulation.

"MDDUS welcomes the GDC’s commitment to a faster, more streamlined and transparent service,” says MDDUS chief executive Chris Kenny.

“We will work with the GDC to help them deliver a regulatory system that better serves patients and dentists.

“Complaints continue to rise and we agree that wider reform is needed to improve efficiency, transparency and decision making in their fitness to practise process. The challenge now is to turn aspiration into early action in order for the plan to be credible and effective.”

MDDUS has seen a significant increase in the number of members subject to investigation by the GDC in recent years (up 37 per cent in 2014), the vast majority of which lead to no action.

“The often unjustified threat of regulatory action can destroy careers and reputations. We support steps that will make the process less stressful for dentists and reduce the number resulting in a final hearing,” says Kenny.

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