MDDUS Risk management roundtable discussions

A PANEL of medical and legal experts are the focus of a new series of video roundtable discussions hosted by the MDDUS Risk Management team.

The first roundtable discussion explores the risks associated with dealing with common childhood illnesses in primary care – a small proportion of which can have very serious consequences.

MDDUS has brought together GP Dr Niall Cameron, consultant paediatrician Dr Jack Beattie and barrister Sarah Simcock to offer advice and insight into what can be a very difficult area for doctors.

Part one of the roundtable discussion (available to members now on the MDDUS website now) centres on the timeline of a meningitis/meningococcal septicaemia case and highlights the limited windows of opportunity available in these types of cases to prevent harm.

Part two will be launched in the coming weeks and will focus on a condition with a more slowly progressing natural history.

The details of the cases are explained by MDDUS medical and risk adviser Dr Gail Gilmartin and the roundtables are then chaired by MDDUS risk adviser Alan Frame. The discussions are accompanied by a number of learning resources including a case timeline, a glossary of medico-legal terms and a reflective guide.

CPD verification is available upon request when members watch the whole roundtable and click the 'tick' before exiting the page.

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