Subscription rates for special GP cover

MEMBERS are required to ensure that they are in the correct membership category and paying the appropriate subscription associated with the work they undertake.

MDDUS GP subscription rates are designed for members treating NHS patients and are normally based on the number of sessions worked in total per week. A session is normally a morning or an afternoon, or a period of work lasting no more than 5 hours. But where members undertake private GP sessions or otherwise treat non-NHS patients (other than ad hoc private patients within their predominantly NHS GP list), a higher private GP subscription rate is likely to apply.

Likewise, an additional rate may apply if you work in any of the following areas:

  • Forensic/Police Physician (FME) work
  • Attendance at sporting events where remuneration is received, including treatment of athletes and players
  • Private travel clinic or a private walk-in centre
  • Occupational health physician work
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures.

Members should contact our membership department for confirmation of their subscription in light of their individual circumstances.

For those GPs who commonly undertake a range of relatively minor invasive procedures, such as contraceptive implant or coil fitting, joint injections or minor surgery for skin lesions and “lumps and bumps”, MDDUS will extend the benefits of GP membership to include work as described above where it accounts for less than 50 per cent of a member’s clinical time. Members must ensure that they work within the limits of their competence/training, and that the time spent undertaking such work is included within the sessions declared to MDDUS for the purposes of calculating their subscription.

Members undertaking more complex or specialist work, or those exceeding the 50 per cent limit set out above, should contact our Membership Department for a tailored quote.

This page was correct at the time of publication. Any guidance is intended as general guidance for members only. If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.

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