Come fly with MDDUS ‘Risk Factor’

MDDUS Risk Management has launched a new "Risk Factor" video interview addressing human factors in healthcare and patient safety.

Risk adviser Alan Frame speaks with long-standing MDDUS collaborator Phil Higton. Phil is a former training captain with British Airways who now runs a successful training company, Terema, which specialises in providing bespoke training to NHS clinicians on how lessons learned from examining error and human factors within the aviation industry can be transferred to a healthcare environment.

The discussion provides a taster on how human factor skills can be applied to the practice of medicine.

You can also check out Alan in discussion with Mr Aubrey Craig, MDDUS Head of Dental Division, discussing the importance of good dental record keeping in the light of new guidance for dentists from the GDC.

MDDUS members can find the video modules on the Risk Factor page in the Risk Management section of You will need your membership number in order to access these resources.

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