Indemnity for 2014 Commonwealth Games

MDDUS is pleased to offer access to indemnity for members working in a voluntary capacity at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, subject to the following conditions:

  • The member is in active membership with MDDUS and has paid a subscription for clinical work
  • The member holds a GMC licence to practise (or other appropriate professional registration, e.g. GDC)
  • The member has not entered into a formal arrangement/contract to provide care for individual athletes or teams (they may however be required to treat athletes on an ad hoc basis in the course of their volunteer duties)
  • The member works within the limits of their competence and has appropriate training and experience
  • The member is not restricted to working in a GMC-approved setting (F1/F2).

In addition, an MDDUS member who may be in attendance as a spectator is covered for any emergency situation that may occur, classified as a Good Samaritan act. If anyone has any doubts about cover, please contact the medical advisory service or our membership team.

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