MDDUS welcomes new chief executive

MDDUS is pleased to welcome Mr Chris Kenny as its new chief executive.

Mr Kenny joins the Union upon the retirement of the former chief executive Professor Gordon Dickson. He comes to MDDUS from the Legal Services Board in London where he served as chief executive and brings extensive regulatory, legal, life insurance and healthcare experience.

Looking forward to the new role, Mr Kenny said: "Under Gordon’s leadership, MDDUS’ reputation for service and value for its members has grown markedly and led to significant expansion for the company. I’m looking forward to building on that excellent record as the company moves to the next phase of its development."

Professor Dickson served over 10 years at the helm of MDDUS, during which time the company saw significant progress and growth with a fund of over half a billion pounds now being managed for the benefit of its 40,000 members throughout the United Kingdom.

MDDUS chairman Dr Benny Sweeney said: "The 10 years that Professor Dickson has been CEO has seen a complete transformation of MDDUS into a modern, vibrant and successful company with a growing membership, sound finances and an excellent corporate governance infrastructure.

"The Union wishes Gordon a long, healthy and happy retirement. The Board of Directors is confident that it has identified a suitable successor to Gordon, and we look forward to working with Chris Kenny."

Professor Dickson commented: "It is the right time for me to hand over the reins to a new CEO so that the Union can build on all that has been achieved and continue to sustain and grow the strong company that MDDUS undoubtedly is.

"It has been an enormous privilege to lead MDDUS and I can say without hesitation that our members are truly fortunate to be members of a company with such loyal and dedicated staff."

On page 8 of the winter 2015 issue of Summons Professor Dickson offers some personal insights on his time at MDDUS.

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