MDDUS responds to Long Term Workforce Plan for NHS England

The long-term workforce plan for NHS England must not overlook today’s retention crisis

The first Long-Term Workforce Plan for NHS England was published today (Friday 30 June) to offer a roadmap for the future of healthcare, including strategies to retain healthcare professionals, invest in their development and create a resilient service.

Dr Naeem Nazem, Head of Medical at MDDUS, said: “A plan for the long-term sustainability of the NHS is something everyone working in healthcare wants to succeed.

“More money for the NHS workforce is always welcome. And while this plan is ambitious, there is a serious question over how effectively it can address the problems of today not just those anticipated in the future.

“Surveys of our members, and those carried out by other organisations, highlight time and time again that the NHS is firmly in the grip of a retention crisis. Only last week, the GMC published a report showing that more doctors than ever before are taking firm steps to leave the profession.

“Creating a sustainable NHS needs to start today with measures to retain the current workforce. That effort must include retaining the international medical graduate (IMG) doctors who make up a substantial and skilled percentage of the current workforce.

“Sending a message to them today that they’ll no longer be required in the future seems a misjudged tactic when safe patient care relies upon their work so heavily.

“It’s also concerning to see very little importance given to improving staff welfare, which is so vital when we ask healthcare professionals to work around the clock, alongside no mention whatsoever of pay.”



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