Prioritise doctors’ wellbeing and training in Covid-19 recovery planning

Doctors’ wellbeing and workplace culture must be put at the heart of healthcare recovery planning in 2022, according to MDDUS.

Reacting to the GMC’s annual The state of medical education and practice report which found “worrying” levels of burnout and workload challenges, the medical defence organisation said urgent action was needed to reverse the trend.

Dr Naeem Nazem, head of medical division at MDDUS, said: “The regulator’s report paints a hugely concerning picture of the extensive and relentless toll the pandemic has taken on doctors in 2021.

“It is vital the training and wellbeing of doctors is put front and centre of health care recovery planning.

“If this is ignored, we risk losing the opportunity to build on the innovations we saw introduced in the immediate response to Covid-19 as healthcare professionals stepped up to the challenge of pandemic.

“As well as this, we also risk losing doctors from the profession due to burnout with the associated risks to patient care this may bring.

“We know from the support our members have turned to us for this year, that 2021 has been a tougher, far more relentless year for doctors, especially GPs.

“Burnout and doctors opting to leave the profession to protect their own mental health is sadly nothing new. But it is clear the pandemic has yet again exacerbated the situation.

“If these dual crises facing doctors are not addressed, we risk a rise in doctors practising defensively, which is not in the best interests of patients, the health service and the medical profession itself.”  


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