MDDUS dental membership continues to grow


For immediate release: Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Medical and dental defence organisation MDDUS is reporting a 40 per cent increase in their market share of dentists in England since the year 2000.

MDDUS has enjoyed more than a decade of undiminished growth and has seen a 75 per cent increase in active membership since the turn of the century. Figures from the company’s annual report of 2013 also reveal that 58 per cent of MDDUS members are now based outside of Scotland.

As well as an increase in dentists joining MDDUS, membership also increased among private physicians, GPs and hospital doctors. As of July 1 2014, total membership had increased 9.8 per cent with over the previous year.

“With over a hundred years’ experience of assisting members, MDDUS offer dentists access to occurrence-based professional indemnity as well as access to unlimited settlement of damages and uncapped legal costs,” says Aubrey Craig, Head of Dental Division.

As with the previous year, the most common reason for a dentist to contact the MDDUS advisory team was regarding difficulties with patients. “Topics that regularly concern our members include complaints, dental records, problems colleagues and treatment planning,” says Craig.

“But we receive calls on a variety of other issues, from needle stick injuries to prescribing patterns and data protection breaches.

“We continue to work hard on behalf of our members, providing assistance with complaints, claims of negligence and referrals to the GDC. In 2013, 88 per cent of GDC cases concluded with no sanctions being imposed on our member.”

On the company’s growth, MDDUS Chief Executive Professor Gordon Dickson said: “We know from work we commissioned from a national market research company that two key factors influence doctors or dentists in their choice of defence body – price and immediate access to professional advice.

“MDDUS has endeavoured to get both of these right for members, maintaining a competitive pricing structure and providing an efficient and personalised service of advice and legal support.

“Increased membership brings with it an inevitable increase in cases and we have expanded our team to ensure we continue to offer members the very best service.”


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