MDDUS Honorary Fellows

The MDDUS Board may appoint individuals as Honorary Fellows of MDDUS

The MDDUS Board is empowered by its governing document, the Articles of Association, to appoint Honorary Fellows. These are individuals who have made an exceptional commitment and/or contribution in support of MDDUS, its members and their broad range of stakeholders.

Our Honorary Fellows are recorded here.

Honorary Fellows may be asked to act as ambassadors of MDDUS and its members. Accordingly, individuals nominated for appointment should:

  • represent the values of MDDUS
  • have a direct connection to one or more of the following:
    o MDDUS
    o its members
    o dental, medical or related practice
    o the sectors in which MDDUS and its members operate
  • have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to MDDUS and/or a contribution to the education, work, wellbeing and/or support of MDDUS members.

Honorary Fellows do not have to be members of MDDUS, however, they are not eligible for appointment or re-appointment to the MDDUS Board.

Nominations for the appointment of Honorary Fellows are normally considered at bi-annual meetings of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee and, if supported, determined by the Board. In exceptional circumstances, a nomination may be made direct to the Board.

Nominations from MDDUS members, supported by not fewer than 10 other members, should be submitted to the Company Secretary at These should include a statement that supports the nomination against the above criteria.

The Board may, at its discretion, suspend or remove an Honorary Fellow who no longer meet the above criteria.

Agreed by the Board on 28.04.23

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